Breakout Sessions led by guest presenters and Resurrection staff address important topics facing churches and leaders today

Breakout Sessions

September 25, 2020

Session 1: 10:00-11:15 am CDT
Session 2: 11:30-12:45 pm CDT

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Alma Ruiz
Being Present: Evangelism and Social Trauma
Session(s): Session 2

During this time of communal trauma, evangelists, and Christian leaders in general, must be instruments of peace, love, transformation, restoration, and healing who listen carefully to God, the people, and all God’s creation. We should provide a Spirit-led and compassionate presence. Thus, in this workshop, we will learn from the faithful and effective way Saint Oscar Romero responded, through his sermons, to the traumatic injuries the marginalized and oppressed people of El Salvador were experiencing during the years he was the Archbishop of San Salvador, 1977-1980. In other words, we will learn from Romero’s prophetic and pastoral preaching and become better equipped to respond to the traumatic injuries our communities experience.

Lia McIntosh
Beyond Pandemic and Protest: Building Community
Session(s): Session 2

Beyond Pandemic and Protest: Building Community

Leadership in time of disruption is not defined by your title, but by your values and your actions. It’s about the practice of turning obstacles into innovations while fostering solidarity. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

• Use the Clifton Strengths Assessment as a tool to determine your personal and organizational core values to help you lead more effectively as you build community
• Create alignment between your values and vision
• Build a lasting legacy that inspires future leaders

Mark McPeak
Brittany Sky
Children’s Spiritual Formation Research
Session(s): Session 1

Eager to learn the new and emerging trends in children's ministry? Wondering about the greatest challenges children's ministry leaders are facing? What challenges do parents face in terms of faith formation in their children? How do parents foster faith formation in the home? The United Methodist Publishing House asked these questions and more when they partnered with 5by5 Agency, experts in strategic research, in a research project where they listened and learned from church leaders, parents and children. Together, they will present the findings of their research and discuss how key stakeholders might work together to more effectively meet the spiritual needs of children and their families.

Matt Rawle
Making the Intergenerational Connection/Reaching Millennials: Using Culture and Media in Worship and Study
Session(s): Session 2

Many of us seem to have our feet in two different places—one foot is firmly planted within a strong and faithful community who knows your history, tradition, and practices, and the other planted in an emerging community less beholden to cultural norms, on the move, and more technologically connected than ever before. How do you keep up? Are you supposed to keep up? Is there a shared language and practice that brings these two communities together? Join Matt Rawle for an exploration of how culture and media helps us share the Gospel between the temple and the tent.

Rachel Svaty
Planning for Long-term Financial Needs
Session(s): Session 1

Is your church prepared to pay for future capital expenditures like a new roof, HVAC unit or equipment?  In this session, you will learn how to estimate future capital expenditures for facilities, IT and equipment needs and how to estimate future cash flows to understand if you will have enough saved to pay for future needs.  Techniques to begin or grow your savings will be shared to help you get started.

Amy-Jill Levine
Reading for Life: How to Engage Scripture without Hurting Others
Session(s): Session 1

In this workshop, Amy-Jill Levine leads pastors and teachers to take a fresh look at the ways we present Scripture in preaching and teaching. She uncovers the unintentional ways we sometimes support and sustain racist, anti-Jewish, xenophobic, and misogynist interpretations of the biblical text in our faith communities. Levine challenges participants to use history as well as social and literary contexts to reveal interpretations of the Bible that correct past errors and lift up rather than condemn. 

Doug Powe, Jr.
Save Our Church
Session(s): Session 1

Many congregations are struggling to move forward as vital communities, while continuing to harbor dreams of a return to glory. Is this your congregation? Do you constantly feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place? Are you spending all your energy trying to steer your way out from between the two? Participate in this workshop and you’ll learn how to successfully navigate this dilemma in a manner that can lead to new ways of flourishing. You will walk away equipped to transform your congregation’s decision-making process in order to promote greater vitality. 

Blake Bradford
Small Church/Big Impact
Session(s): Session 1

Most congregations in the nation have a weekly worship attendance under 150.  This workshop will assist you in adapting the BIG experience of the Church of the Resurrection and the Leadership Institute to your smaller context.  In this Pre-Institute session, author and mission strategist Dr. Blake Bradford will join leaders of smaller churches in rethinking and right-sizing their ministry to make a God-sized impact in their communities. He will share models and practical steps for smaller congregations to simplify their decision-making, rethink community engagement, be intentional about discipleship formation, empower laity, and strategically utilize pastoral leadership. 

Cheryl Jefferson Bell
Tino Herrera
Social Justice and Inclusivity
Session(s): Session 1

The time is now. The time is right. While our society deals with social justice and inclusivity concerns, the Church is being called to action. Let’s discover together how to step forward to be the Body of Christ called to the ministry of justice!

Yvonne Gentile
Debi Nixon
The Art of Hospitality
Session(s): Session 2

Permeating your church culture with a high value of radical hospitality requires intentionality. This workshop will provide principles and practical tools you can implement to create an excellent guest experience at your church.

Ted Hiebert
The Beginning of Difference
Session(s): Session 2

Difference can enrich us or tear us apart. Difference can make our lives stronger, fuller, and richer or it can destroy them. How we engage difference matters. It matters for our well-being and for our very survival.

Unfortunately, the Bible’s stories explaining difference and its beginnings in the book of Genesis have been read by interpreters who view difference through lenses of suspicion and fear. Looking at these stories with fresh eyes, we can see that these stories themselves actually recognize difference as God’s intention for the world. They are stories that negotiate difference with greater realism and optimism than their interpreters thought they did. They can provide us constructive resources for living with difference today.

Adam Hamilton
Unleashing the Word - Preaching with Relevance, Purpose and Passion
Session(s): Session 2

Senior Pastor Adam Hamilton will share ideas and insights from 30 years of preaching and leading worship. Participants will consider the structure of a sermon, the various categories of sermons at Resurrection, and the sermon planning process, and we’ll look at Resurrection’s sermons from the last two years. We’ll also look at sermons for weddings and funerals and ideas for Advent and Christmas.

This intensive workshop will cover: how to develop a preaching plan, the three critical ingredients of a sermon, designing a sermon series for “fishing” expeditions, the role of the worship planning team and utilizing video in worship. During the second part of this workshop, pastors will have the opportunity to develop their own sermon plan.

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