Pre-Institute Sessions

High impact sessions going in-depth on a variety of ministry topics

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September 26, 2018

AM Session: 9:00am-12pm

PM Session: 1:30-4:30pm

Beyond the Five Practices

Presenter(s): Robert Schnase

Building a Disciple Making Ministry

Presenter(s): Michelle Kirby, Jeff Kirby

Children’s Ministry Energy Boost

Presenter(s): Nick Ransom, Lori Trupp

Discipleship Pathways

Presenter(s): Jim Harnish, Justin LaRosa

How to Preach a Dangerous Sermon

Presenter(s): Frank Thomas

Is Your “Hurry” Causing You To Worry?

Presenter(s): Barbara Roose

Making Connections: Guest and Member Follow-up

Presenter(s): Yvonne Gentile, Melanie Hill, Ginny Howell

Personal Evangelism & Creating a Culture of Invitation

Presenter(s): Scott Chrostek, Kelly Sisney

Planning Worship-From Opening Song to Closing Prayer

Presenter(s): Glen Shoup, Kevin Bogan, Robin Houghton

Rethinking Your Church Communications Strategy

Presenter(s): Kem Meyer

Small Church, Big Impact

Presenter(s): Blake Bradford

Special Needs Ministry-Chapter 2

Presenter(s): Jennifer Ross, Joan Baird

Spiritual Gifts Discovery: Putting Your Spiritual Gifts (and Your Congregation’s) to Work

Presenter(s): Melanie Hill, Darrell Holtz

Spiritual Self-Care in Troubled Times

Presenter(s): Ginger Gaines-Cirelli

Transformational Serving Beyond your Community-Global and US Missions

Presenter(s): Carol Cartmill, Sheree Reece, Lindsey Arnold Seevers

Using Data to Increase Giving and Measure the Effectiveness of Your Discipleship Path

Presenter(s): Joe Park, Joel Mikell