Travel Information

As you make plans to travel, please note the Opening Session for Leadership Institute is Wednesday evening, September 25, 2019. See below for hotels, transportation, directions and all Kansas City has to offer.


We invite you to select lodging with one of our hotel partners, all of which are within a 6-mile radius of the church. Some properties offer complimentary breakfast or a limited shuttle. Check with our preferred hotels to inquire about the amenities they offer.

Previous participants have also enjoyed staying at nearby Airbnb or VRBO properties. While we do not endorse any particular properties, we invite you to consider Airbnb or VRBO as lodging options for you or your team. Use Leawood, KS (66224) or Overland Park, KS (66223) in your search.


The nearest airport to the church is Kansas City International Airport (MCI), which is located about 45 minutes from the church. Map from airport.

Church of the Resurrection does not provide transportation to and from the conference. You may rent a car at Kansas City International Airport or check their website for shuttle services.

Some of our preferred hotels do provide limited shuttle service to and from Church of the Resurrection. Please check with them directly on this service.


The Church of the Resurrection
13720 Roe Ave.
Leawood KS 66224

Church of the Resurrection began in 1990 as a church for thoughtful people who were not actively involved in church. It was a place where they could become followers of Jesus Christ, grow in their faith, find meaningful relationships, and be sent out each week, inspired to serve God by serving others.

The church began with four people, and today more than 11,000 people attend Resurrection each week. The church has four locations in the Kansas City area, each one sharing the same unified vision and heartbeat, but offering unique ministries in its own neighborhood.

Our Purpose

To build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.

Our Vision

To be used by God to change lives, strengthen churches, and transform the world.

Our Journey

To know, love and serve God.

For more information about Church of the Resurrection, please visit

Kansas City Area Activities

Places to Eat

The KC metro area is home to an amazing variety of restaurants – most famous for steak and barbecue, but you can also find everything from soul food to sushi.

This map highlights nearby dine-in, carry out and fast food restaurants.

Feel like exploring?

If you would like to taste our world famous BBQ, enjoy this article and pick one that sounds the best to you! KC is also home to great market to table and vegetarian friendly restaurants.

Museums & Exhibits

Kansas City is home to a variety of museums for all ages. The Museum of American Natural History at Prairie Fire is across from the church, others are close to Country Club Plaza’s shopping and restaurants.
Across the street from the church:

Fifteen minutes away:

Thirty minutes away:

Local Attractions

Family friendly activities for those looking for something active to do!

Sporting Events:

Across the street from the church:

Ten minutes away:

Fifteen minutes away:

Thirty minutes away:


Enjoy browsing local boutiques and national chain stores at a variety of shopping venues.
Across the street from the church:

Ten minutes away:

Fifteen minutes away:

Thirty minutes away:

Forty-five minutes away: