Pre-Institute Sessions

Presenter(s): Debi Nixon

Ministry Areas: Connections Ministry

Session: Pre-Institute AM

When we have experienced great hospitality we know it, and we tell others about it. It is far more than ambiance or the customer service we received. Instead, it’s a sense that we are truly expected, welcomed, accepted, and valued. One of the comments most often used to describe Church of the Resurrection by visitors is “it is a place where I experienced radical hospitality.” In this workshop, join Debi Nixon to explore how to create a place of genuine welcome that is so much more than friendly greeters.  We will look at the impact your facility, worship/sermon, follow-up and marketing play in radical hospitality. We will examine practical ways to equip congregants to invite others and move from inwardly-focused comfort to outwardly-focused evangelism and discipleship.

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