Pre-Institute Sessions

Presenter(s): Olu Brown

Ministry Areas: Church Operations & Leadership

Session: Pre-Institute PM

Every leader in the church is responsible for following God’s call. As we do this, others join us, journeying toward the same vision. But at some point along the way, volunteers, staff, peers and church members will step off the path to stay behind or to go a different way. These changes and departures are difficult. A parting-of-the-ways in our ministry teams can create disruption, disillusionment, fear, isolation, and even grief.

Olu Brown is the founding pastor of Impact Church in Atlanta, one of the fastest growing congregations in the United Methodist denomination. Olu has led through many changes and upheavals. In this session, he provides wise counsel and practical instruction to prepare and equip leaders for these inevitable changes in ministry. Teaching from the story of Moses and those who chose to leave him, Olu demonstrates how loss can make us more effective leaders, and can even create unforeseen opportunity.

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