Pre-Institute Sessions

Presenter(s): Kevin Bogan, Lance Winkler

Ministry Areas: Worship Arts

Session: Pre-Institute AM

Join Kevin Bogan, Resurrection’s Traditional Worship Leader, and Lance Winkler, Resurrection’s Contemporary Worship Leader, for a harmonizing session of practical ideas for making your music ministry vibrant, worshipful, and successful, along with a thoughtful examination of our musical heritage and what the future holds.

Topics include:
• Beginning your ministry:  Where to find and recruit talented artists for your program.
• Keeping your participants informed, appreciated and vital.
• Planning worship elements that are bold, but simple.
• Sample worship series that are based on Adam Hamilton’s sermons.
• Ten Resurrection worship ideas that you can do in your own church.
• The universal church’s current state of traditional and contemporary worship.
• How and why the church has arrived here.
• The future and how to prepare with confidence.

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