In addition to the live General Sessions and Friday Breakout Sessions, you have the opportunity to explore 20+ bonus workshops in a video library, available for one year after the live event.

These bonus workshops span across all ministry areas, and each one provides you 30–45 minutes of practical ideas and tools from Resurrection staff. All Workshop topics are now listed.

Adult Discipleship Workshops

Randy Greene
Digital Communications and Community

Every day, the gap between the digital and the physical in our lives is closing. We no longer distinguish between the "me" in the physical world and the "me" online – the two are one reality. So how can we use digital tools to cultivate authentic forms of Christian community? In this workshop, we use these tools to nurture relationships and draw people into the embodiment of the church.

Michelle Kirby
Equipping Leaders to Build a Disciple Making Culture

Following Christ means making disciples.  While Jesus was clear about this, how does it happen?  In this workshop we will discuss how to create a disciple making culture and pathway for your congregation. Learn how to identify and invest in leaders, and how to launch and sustain the ministry.

Darrell Holtz
Helping New Christians Understand the Bible

Resurrection draws non-religious and nominally religious people to join the church. This workshop offers an overview of two tools we use to help those new church members learn to understand and apply the Bible, and some of what we've learned about how best to communicate Bible principles to people new to the faith.

Scott Chrostek
Love Your Neighbor: The Simple Power of Living a Life that Preaches

One of the most powerful components of Jesus ministry was that He was literally the word of God ‘enfleshed.’  Jesus’ words (preaching and teaching) were powerful largely because they were rooted in a life of love-filled action.  There is real power in preaching and leading whenever it is accompanied by consistent action.  With many churches unable to meet or gather in person due to the global pandemic, this aspect of Jesus’ preaching life serves as a model for ministry that we ought to remember, return to and lead from.  In this session we’ll be focusing on how as leaders we can lead our congregations into claiming the simple power of living a life that preaches.  

Matt Bisel
Moving to a Culture of Small Groups

Healthy small groups deepen individual faith and cultivate community in ways that strengthen and energize the local church. In this workshop I will share with you a system created, rooted in Wesleyan practice, that eliminates the barriers that keep over-committed, time crushed people from committing to a small group. In one year, over 260 people at Resurrection Downtown, who had never participated in a small group before, are now plugged into one – and are thriving. 

Chris Folmsbee
The Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life

Jesus established the model for the Christian spiritual life in five essential practices: worship, study, serving, giving, and sharing. The Church today, powered by the Holy Spirit, seeks to live the model faithfully in our personal daily walk with Jesus and through the life of our local faith communities. This workshop will help you deepen your walk with Jesus, equip others to do the same, and give you a framework for guiding your congregation into effective and sustainable discipleship.

Michelle Funk
What Matters to Women

Learn about practical (in-person and online) ways your church can reach women in areas that matter most, such as groups for moms, bible study and social action. Consider ministry that takes a look inward at unique experiences, upward for divine direction and outward to see God’s activity in the world – giving women a place to connect in meaningful and amazing way.

Church Operations & Leadership Workshops

Clif Guy
Dan Leafblad
Church Online and Video Streaming

Live audio and video streaming of worship services and other classes and events is now affordable and practical for churches of any size. Discover how to extend your church beyond the walls to your congregants and community who are unable to join you in person. This 2 part workshop is technical and designed for those responsible for implementing technology in your church.

Debi Nixon
Joe Park
Five Disciplines of Financially Thriving Churches

There are many important best practices in developing generous churches, but there are five overarching disciplines that are consistently found in financially thriving churches of all sizes.  In this session, Debi Nixon, Executive Director of Donor Development at Church of the Resurrection (COR) unpacks these disciplines with Joe Park, CEO of Horizons Stewardship and shares how COR embraces and contextualizes them in their five unique campuses.  

Dan Entwistle
Leading through Crisis

Our lives and our churches have been trapped in a lengthy season of disruption. In 2020, familiar patterns and predictable behaviors were cast aside by forces beyond our control. How do we, as leaders who are charged with shepherding our churches, respond to these moments? What lessons can we draw? As leaders, what can we do to uncover the hidden opportunities embedded in the disruption and lead our congregations through the transition by building new patterns with greater potential.

Congregational Care Workshops

Wendy Lyons Chrostek
Anne Williams
Empowered: A Model of Care

Learn the nuts and bolts of how Resurrection has built their care ministry team.  You will hear how we recruit, equip and organize key volunteers (Congregational Care Ministers) who work alongside their pastor to provide excellent care of your congregation. This workshop will help  pastors and lay persons evaluate and create a plan of care for your church and community by equipping you with tools necessary for providing ministry and implementing a Congregational Care Ministry program in your local church.

Claire Clough
Courtney Felzke
Ministry with the Aging Community

Most churches have elderly congregants who are either homebound or reside in care facilities. It can be hard to keep these congregants connected to the church – but it is important! This workshop focuses on giving care to elderly persons who are no longer able to attend worship in a local church setting. Learn the keys to successful visitation and care home worship services, including: meaningful faith filled visits, empowering volunteers, and how to start a worship service in a nearby care facility.

Tom Langhofer
Sandy Thailing
Recovery Ministry

Addictions come in many forms, including alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, pornography, food, stealing and more. Across the country congregations are struggling to address addiction and recovery within their communities. This workshop provides churches looking to start a recovery ministry the necessary tools to get a program off the ground. You'll learn who to talk to, how to get the word out, suggestions for effective programming, and how to find leaders.

Education Ministry Workshops

Lori Trupp
Nick Ransom
Children's Ministry Essentials

Ready to take your Children's Ministry to the next level? Learn the essential elements and tools you can use to enhance your children's ministry, both in-person and digitally.

Taylor Ogden Thomas
Todd Davidson
Student Ministry Best Practices

Effective student ministries share common practices that develop and strengthen an individual’s path of discipleship and at the same time cultivate healthy, thriving communities which are marked by love, learning and leadership. This workshop will share numerous proven and practical best practices that will help you evaluate and expand your current ministry to students and their families.

Guest Connections Workshops

Kelly Sisney
Shannon Endicott
Free-Range Volunteering: Recruiting, Training & Empowering Volunteers

We often work hard to get volunteers, then forget to train them well and sometimes not allow them to fully be blessed by the opportunity to serve. Churches are only as effective as the people they have invested in making ministry happen. Learn and discuss volunteer recruitment tactics, training and ways to encourage volunteers to do more than simply show up.

Ginny Howell
ReConnection-Closing the Back Door

Learn strategies to help “re-connect” your inactive members into the life of the church so they are cared for with compassion, grow spiritually, experience community and serve with joy. We will discuss the logistics of what it takes to successfully manage re-connections as well as the enriching volunteer experience this creates for those who reach out to inactive members each week.  Leave this session with ideas and tools you can implement immediately to help sustain your congregation by closing the back door. 

Missions Workshops

Carol Cartmill
Building Partnerships for Sustainable Mission

Effective mission ministry is born out of the intentional work of building healthy relationships with mission partners. Learn how to increase the mission impact of your church by seeking out others with vision and dreams for change similar to yours. Further, discover what it takes for you to be a good ministry partner.

Michelle Van Pelt
Cultural Competency

At Resurrection, all volunteers must go through cultural competency training before serving in ongoing school missions programs and for those serving vulnerable populations. In this workshop, Michelle Van Pelt leads you through this same course, giving you the opportunity to increase your own cultural competency. You unpack the issues and terms involved in cultural competency, such as: the humility threshold, diversity, implicit bias and privilege. Then, you learn how to apply cultural competency to your volunteer work. This workshop challenges you to continue developing your skills, values and capacity to function in cross-cultural settings.

Worship & Communications Workshops

Cathy Bien
Communicating through Crisis and Controversy

No matter how well we plan or how pure our intentions, things don’t always go the way we expect. From a staff change to a negative social media post, or from a damaging storm to a denomination separation, as church communicators and leaders, we will be called upon to address our congregation and our communities during times of controversy and crisis. In this workshop, we’ll explore practical steps to prepare for these challenges, including creating a crisis communication plan, cultivating media relationships and communicating with love and grace.

Randy Greene
Digital Communications and Community

Every day, the gap between the digital and the physical in our lives is closing. We no longer distinguish between the "me" in the physical world and the "me" online – the two are one reality. So how can we use digital tools to cultivate authentic forms of Christian community? In this workshop, we use these tools to nurture relationships and draw people into the embodiment of the church.

More content is being confirmed regularly – we anticipate having more than 20 different Bonus Workshops across all ministries of the church, so check back soon to see the latest opportunities!

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